X-ray Photography

100,000 volts of electricity excite the x-ray tube as wavelengths pass through its subjects on their way to the film that lies below. My training never quite prepared me for the moment that I would make my first x-ray of an inanimate subject. The discovery of revealing contours and layers not yet examined by the naked eye unlocked a secret and intimate world that fascinated me.

x-ray tulip chair - Prevention

x-ray fry pan - Prevention

x-ray suitcase - British GQ

x-ray golf clubs - Redbook

x-ray football helmet

x-ray of handbag - Dr. Oz Magazine

x-ray snorkel + mask

x-ray brassieres - Self Magazine

x-ray Samsonite suitcase - AARP

x-ray Cosmetic container

x-ray grocery bag - Redbook Magazine

Concealed Carry x-ray -Time Magazine

High heel - Ladies Home Journal

x-ray Canon 1dx camera - Popular Photography

x-ray of an iPhone - Adweek

x-ray of Miele vacuum - Pentagram / ASME

X-ray Motorcycle Helmet

x-ray of a robotic hand - Pentagram / ASME

x-ray of Mr. Machine toy - Pentagram / ASME

x-ray octopus

x-ray fish and bait - Field and Stream

x-ray of a peony

x-ray Torso

x-ray of men's shoe

x-ray Test tubes

x-ray Panasonic Camera

Movie Projector

x-ray Tooth

x-ray Dockers pants

x-ray sofa with money

x-ray bottles

x-ray Saran wrap

x-ray of a refrigerator - The Richards Group

Dog waiting

x-ray Hammer and nails

One thin dime

Calculator x-ray

All wound up

x-ray Handbag - The Richards Group

x-ray Motorcycle jacket